Mercado Huang Yuan

China Yiwu Commodity City Huangyuan Garment Market,which is located in the most prosperous region in Yiwu-Xiuhu lake business district with a total market area of 78,000 square meters,building area of more than 420,000 square meters and a total inverstment of 1.4 billion yuan. It officially started business on May 5, 2011.Meeting the deveopment tendency of internationalizing,branding and diversifying the garment market,Huangyuan garment market is positioned to be a professional garment market,which will be in favor of enhancing the competitiveness of the garment market in Yiwu, and promoting the professionalizing and expanding development.

In order to optimize the layout of the industry,strengthen the competitive force,stand out the advantage of scale and highlight the commercial opportunity of market, Huangyuan Garment Market distributes five opperating categories on 1-5 floor,including men's garments & leather garments,lady's garments,children's garments,jeans&trousers,pajamas & cardigans & sports wears & shirts.

Industry Categories:  

Jeans & Trousers, Men’s Wear, Women’s Dress, Sweater, Pajamas, Children’s Clothes, Sportswear, Chaozhou Wedding Dress, Evening Dress, Imported South Korean Garment City

The industry layout of Huangyuan Garment: